Sniping is generally a skill used in woodsball and some scenario type games. Sniping involves blending with the enviroment and using stealth your advantage while shooting an opponent from a distance.If you are going to snipe, you should be provided with a long barrel (16-21"), a ghillie suit, a collapsable stock, and optionally, a bipod and red dot scope. Also, the Tiberius Arms First Strike round is a modified paintball that has stablizing fins.

Another good thing to do when sniping is to get the high ground. A hill or a good tree will work. If you have the high ground you can shoot farther and expose less of yourself when you fire. Be careful if you use a tree. You want to make sure that you won't fall out of it if you get shot. It is also harder to move if you get in a tree because you will have to climb down first and will be very vunerable.